Close Lunch at Biogastronomia


Our restaurant has been created on the basis of a philosophy of life: everybody has a role in the world in which has to make something for the others, and also cooking healthy meals, teaching how to cook them, spreading the information on the right approach to maintain the health through the food is part of this role.

At Biogastronomia we do not apply strict Macrobiotic, for example balancing the food for each person with relationship to his own personal life, to the environment he lives in, to the work he makes, to the stress he bears, but we try to improve the food standard of the people that so far have been eating animal proteins, white sugar, flours and refined products, without moving them too much from the known tastes.

It is not a complete Macrobiotic, but it's an enriched Vegan cuisine.

If who eats at our restaurant would like to get closer to the Macrobiotic philosophy, we will be absolutely able to drive them into the right direction.

We wanted to create a place where who is allergic to dairy products (like the owner), could eat a "safe" meal, having experienced eating in "normal" restaurants where, either for the confusion, or because who is cooking is never who is serving at the table, there could be in spite of the request, some butter or some other dairy products into the food to cause unpleasant consequences.

A place where vegetarians, vegans and animal rights activists could eat in peace.

At the same time we would like to help who is in good health to maintain himself healthy even if obliged to eat outside or not having the time for cooking, giving them the opportunity to buy healthy, biologic, ready to eat food.

A place where who comes for lunch or dinner feels comfortable, cuddled like at a second home, taking away hopefully the desire to put into the diet some small changes: malt instead of white sugar, soya milk instead of cow milk, tofu instead of cheese...

We talk a lot to our guests... we try to remember their tastes, their habits... we hope that lunch and dinner breaks will be like at a friend's home!

A place where to start talking of healthy food, Vegan and Macrobiotic cuisine.

The purpose of Biogastronomia is to give to the others the same opportunity we have had one day: to get close to a knowledge that could improve the quality of our life.